Guide to Attending & Organising Events

Attending an Event

Use the number or email address provided in the bulletin to contact a member about an event.  Normal courtesies should be observed and it is not usually acceptable to contact members after 10.00pm.    It is important that you let the event organiser know that you will be attending their event either by the requested date or at least a couple of days in advance. 

Don't be late for a "Book By" date otherwise you may miss out on an exciting event!   

  • Charges for events
    Some activities may have a charge to cover ticket costs or expenses such as food for a party. You should pay the organiser any advance payments that may be required by the book by date. Organisers will be unable to reserve your place for an event that requires payment until they have received your money.
  • Unable to attend an event or changes to an event
    If you find yourself unable to attend an activity for which you have booked, please let the organiser know in good time.  Sometimes, events have to be changed, or very occasionally cancelled at short notice. It is therefore important that the organiser knows if you intend on coming to their event so they can inform you of any changes that may have been made.
  • Booking Deadlines
    Some events will include a deadline by which you are expected to contact the organiser.  If you don't contact the organiser by this date they may still be able to accommodate you but this cannot be guaranteed.  Members will sometimes specify a limit to the number of people for an event, this may be due to physical space constraints or availability of tickets.

Organising an Event
Every full member of the Active Hampshire is encouraged to organise at least two activities per year. The Active Hampshire  publishes a weekly eBulletin where members can submit events via the web site or by giving the event details to a committee member at a Tuesday Club Night.  The event Co-ordinator will endeavour to ensure there is a balanced programme throughout the month and that there are only complimentary activities on at the same date and time.

  • Selection & Audience
    Choose an event you feel comfortable organising.  If you are a little shy or nervous the organise the event with a co-member. Consider the possible attendees.   Who will attend?  How much will they be prepared to pay?
  • Canvas & sell your event
    Always canvas your event at Club Night to encourage members to attend. Add your event to the calendar via the website and ensure the description sounds interesting!  You can also make the event available to other IVC groups.  
  • Costs
    If the event is quite costly and advance bookings need to be made ensure you secure a deposit or full payment from those wanting to attend
  • Arrive on time
    Arrive on time for your event so that it runs smoothly and attendees can easily find you.
  • Event Cancellation
    If you have to cancel your event ensure that you inform all members who notified you of their intention to attend that the event has been cancelled.  When organising your event collect the contact details of all attendees so that they can be contacted in the event of cancellation or emergency.  

Activity Guidelines     

Take all reasonable steps to ensure that your planned event goes ahead as advertised. If you require assitance when organising your event then speak to a committee member.  For event ideas look at our List of Activity Suggestions.

Exclusive Activity
We offer members the option to nominate their event as 'Exclusive' meaning that no other events will be organised on the same day and time.  The "Exclusive Activity" facility is only available for important or large events that need a lot of people or where there may be a financial risk to the club.

Event subsidies and Guarantees
The Club will sometimes subsidise events or guarantee members against financial loss.  If you think you may need this help, then discuss the event details with the club treasurer.  For events costing over £5.00 you will normally be expected to collect at least £5.00 from all attendees as a deposit.  For events costing less than £5.00 then collect the full amount.  For high cost events (e.g. skiing or foreign holidays) then speak to the club treasurer.  Remember to keep all receipts and proof of expenditure to support your claim for reimbursement.      


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